Werner MT-13 Multi-Ladder Review

If you have different kinds of ladders in your home and you can’t get rid of them because each ladder is used in designated occasions, you might consider checking the Werner MT-13 Telescoping Multi-Ladder. This ladder can be configured into 13 different positions by altering it into an extension ladder, 2-person stepladder, scaffold, and stairway stepladder. You don’t have to use different kinds of ladders because the Werner MT-13 can help you accomplish all your household tasks.

This ladder will save your time and space in your home. You can now dispose or resell your other ladders and retain the Werner MT13 as your sole ladder.

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Multi-Purpose Ladder

This ladder boasts its capability to support different household tasks and site jobs because it is equipped to be converted into 13 different working heights. You can alter the ladder into a two-person ladder, which is usually needed in construction works. Hence, it is also efficient in household tasks like cleaning and decoration works. You can finish your tasks faster as the ladder is capable of supporting two people.

You can also use the Werner MT13 Telescoping Multi-Ladder as an extension ladder. No need to get another ladder to reach certain things on a higher level. So if you have to do roofing works or any higher related works, all you have to do is to adjust the ladder. It can be extended from 7 to 11 feet.

Other formations that might catch your interest are stairway stepladder and two scaffold bases ladder. The stairway stepladder is helpful in reaching uppermost stairs fixtures like lights and smoke detectors. On the other hand, the two scaffold bases allow the users to move freely without an unmatched feeling of stability.

Easy Alteration and Adjustment of Heights

The spring-loaded J-locks of the Werner MT13 Telescoping Multi-Ladder are equipped to easily adjust the height of the ladder. It is easy to adjust its height by simply removing the J-locks on one or another side, contract the desired length of the section and reinstall the J-locks.

Furthermore, the push knob locking component of the ladder is capable of converting it into different formations in just a snap. The push knob locking is located on each side of the ladder and the user can simply push the button to convert the desired formation. These features made the ladder’s overall package simple and much easier as compared to other ladders.

Werner MT-13 Multi-Ladder Features & Specifications

  • 300-pound duty rating with 13-foot of telescoping multi-ladder.
  • Can be converted into an extension ladder, 2-person stepladder, scaffold, and stairway stepladder with 13 different working positions.
  • Versatile ladder made possible by soft-touch push knobs, which helps the user to fast track every job.
  • Strong support with its heavy-duty non-marring feet for slip resistance and its ladder is a professional grade with double riveted steps.
  • The ladder’s extra-wide base ensures to reach your project safely as it provides robust support.

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Werner MT-13 Multi-Ladder Reviews

There were several reviews online and most of the users’ feedbacks were positive. On our own assessment and with the influence of other online reviews, we come up to give the Werner MT13 Telescoping Multi-Ladder 7.5 points. This ladder offers a variety of functions and its versatility can be used easier with the help of improved push knobs for faster conversion and j-locks for much easier adjustment.

One of the users posted his review about this ladder and he found this ladder as a heaven sent. He admired its easy adjustment and its amazing stability even at its full extension.

The other user also commented that he highly recommends this ladder because it can do all the things he wants. He did not experience any difficulties in finishing a single task that required ladders. He added that he also loves the bottom of the ladder as it is much sturdier. He feels safe and secure every time he’s standing on its rungs.

Things to Improve

Every product always has a room for improvements; this ladder needs to improve its weight. I know that the manufacturer can do better than that. It is not easy to carry, transport, and rotate a ladder that has a solid weight of 31.6 pounds.

The other area that needs to be developed is the stability of the ladder when it’s at its fullest extension. Unlike the traditional extension ladders, this ladder becomes bouncy when it is used as an extension ladder. There were reviews online that scare the users to use the ladder in its most extended form because of its instability. But nevertheless, this ladder is a perfect ladder for those who are looking for versatility.


This Werner MT13 Telescoping Multi-Ladder is very efficient and effective to those who want to save space storage in their home. I know a number of ladders that are space consuming and this ladder will help you solve your concerns. The versatility of this ladder helps you to accomplish various tasks because of its configuration features that can reach up to 33 formations.

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