Westinghouse 7861400 Ceiling Fan Review

The Westinghouse 7861400 is a three-blade ceiling fan made especially for industrial and commercial settings. The 56-inch blade span of this ceiling fan makes it ideal for large spaces. It can create an airflow rate of 7,105 cubic feet of air per minute at its highest setting.

The appearance of this ceiling fan is simple as compared to smaller ceiling fans. The creators focused more on its functionality rather than its aesthetics. The simplicity of this fan makes it the perfect appliance for commercial spaces.

The large motors and blades ensure that air within a big room is well circulated. Other than its strong air movement, it is also efficient when it comes to consumption of electricity.

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56-Inch Three-Blade Ceiling Fan

The most notable feature for the Westinghouse 7861400 is its strong and powerful blades that can whip up to more than 7,000 cubic feet of air per minute. This strong function makes this fan ideal for high ceilings and wide rooms.

It offers strong wind at very low electricity consumption of only 63 watts if it’s without the light kit. The energy efficiency of this ceiling fan is thanks to the quality manufacturing of Westinghouse. A 15-year warranty is also offered by the company for the motor while there is 2 years warranty for the other parts.

The single capacitor and steel motor makes this ceiling fan operate quietly. With its size, you would expect that it would create some noise, but this is one of the most silent industrial size ceiling fans in the market.

ETL Listed

To ensure that the users of Westinghouse 7861400 are safe, this ceiling fan has been ETL listed. When a product is ETL listed, it means that it passed all the testing and certification it has undergone. The ETL has been around for over 100 years and everything in this list are quality products.

The ETL has been built to address the concerns of citizens regarding performance issues and safety of appliance users. Not all ceiling fans are ETL listed, so the fact that this one is makes it safer than a lot of fans out there.

Westinghouse 7861400 Features and Specifications

  • 56-inch three-blade ceiling fan.
  • A cold-rolled steel motor with a single capacitor.
  • Efficient circulation of air at 1,705 cubic feet per minute. Energy usage of 63 watts and an airflow efficiency of 113 cubic feet per minute per watt.
  • Includes a 54-inch lead wire, ½ x 12 inch down rod and a ball hanger installation system.
  • Wall control unit for the five-speed options.
  • 15 years of warranty for the motor and 2 years of warranty for all of the other parts.
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Westinghouse 7861400 Reviews

The Westinghouse 7861400 received an editor rating of 8.4/10. Many customers reviewed this product as an effective industrial ceiling fan. The air circulation in a large room is superb. Its lowest speed is sometimes even better than the highest setting of some residential ceiling fans.

Although simple in appearance, the Westinghouse 7861400 is still attractive. It looks contemporary and sleek when placed on the ceiling. The brushed nickel finishing and steel material gives it a modern look.

For a big fan, this product moves relatively quiet, you can still hear some whirring due to its size. But compared to other fans, the Westinghouse 7861400 is whisper quiet. Most likely what you hear is the sound of moving air. If it is mounted on a high enough ceiling, you wouldn’t even hear a thing.

Even if this is mostly an industrial ceiling fan, you can still install it in your homes. And many customers have claimed that it is easy to put up. There is even no need for additional help while installing this fan. The instructions included are easily understood and executed.

Things to Improve

One of the most common complaints about this product is that the wall control looks like a throwback from the 1970s. It does not offer a remote control and it looks bigger than what is normal nowadays. There also have been instances of children or even adults bumping their heads on the wall control.

This could be solved easy enough, though, because Westinghouse offers fan controls which is much nicer than the one included in the package. They have controls that are more aesthetically pleasing and easy to install. Although this small issue is nothing compared to the effectivity and functionality this fan offers to its users.

Another complaint is that the motor cannot be reversed to be used in the winter. This could be solved by simply setting the speed options to a slower speed. This will help avoid the wind chill effect, and when summer comes, you could put it back to higher speeds.


The Westinghouse 7861400 is an ideal ceiling fan for industrial and commercial spaces. It could also be used in large rooms in houses. Its size and motor offer a strong wind with low electrical consumption. Its appearance, although simple, is modern and sleek looking.

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