WILSON 305-38 CB Antenna Review

Wilson is the leading manufacturer and distributor of radio equipment and parts but its most popular product is the 305-38 Magnet Mount Antenna. It’s a 10-inch radio aerial that you can put on the roof of your car. Because it uses a magnet, it won’t fall off even if you’re driving on a rough road.

The Wilson 305-38 antenna is quite small; nonetheless, it is powerful. It can reach wider ranges compared to its competitors that have a similar price range. Furthermore, it has a heavy-duty coil that provides outstanding radio clarity. No wonder it is the best-selling antenna in the market.

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Keeps the Aerial in Place

The Wilson magnet mount antenna boasts a 10-ounce magnet at the bottom of the plate. It is quite bigger and more powerful than its competitors. Once the antenna is installed, it won’t wobble regardless of the wind and the surroundings.

Aside from that, it is taller than other CB radio mount antenna brands. It covers a wider range compared to others. So, if you’re looking for smaller yet powerful antennas, this is the one you should get.

Aerodynamic Design to Keep the CB Aerial in Place

As mentioned earlier, the magnet keeps the antenna stable and holds it properly. However, the magnet isn’t enough to keep it in place. It should also be resistant to the wind. Thus, Wilson added an aerodynamic design to this product. In that way, it won’t slip even if the wind is strong or if you’re driving fast.

Moreover, this Wilson CB antenna is scratch-resistant. The base is covered with high-quality rubber to prevent the magnet from damaging the car painting.

Wilson 305-38 Magnet Mount Antenna Features and Specifications

The 305-38 antenna can be the best radio equipment in the market because of the features mentioned above. However, there are other features that you will get from this device. Listed below are the components of this radio antenna.

  • High-Quality Coil With 14-Gauge Wire – This helps send messages clearly.
  • 10-Ounce Magnet – This prevents the antenna from falling off the car even if you’re driving fast.
  • Tons of Tutorial Videos – It lets you install the antenna without reading the manual. You simply need to watch some online tutorial videos and follow the instructions.
  • Scratch Resistant – Covered with high-density rubber, it keeps your car scratch-free.
  • Wind Resistant – The base holds the antenna securely so it won’t fall even if it’s windy.
  • 300-Watt Power Handling – Because the antenna is bigger and thicker, it can handle more power. You will have a wider scope if you choose this CB mount antenna.

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Wilson 305-38 Magnet Mount Antenna Reviews

The Wilson 305-38 mount antenna has received 9 out of 10 approval rating from its consumers. Many people seem to be impressed with this product considering the price and its size.

One of the reviewers admitted that it wasn’t his first choice. He didn’t like the design because it doesn’t look like an antenna. But when his old aerial got broken, he had no choice but to buy a new set. He ordered this product and installed it on his car. He was surprised by the power of the antenna. According to him, his old antenna wouldn’t let him communicate with someone who’s more than 10 miles away.

However, the Wilson radio aerial has exceeded his expectation. When he started using the system, he was impressed that he can now reach people who are 20+ miles away from him. Thus, he regretted why he didn’t buy this antenna before.

Another thing that customers like is its aerodynamic design. According to the consumer, it doesn’t wobble that much compared to other brands. Moreover, it receives more signals, making the communication lines clearer.

Things to Improve

The antenna may seem to be the best choice, but it doesn’t mean it’s flawless. Of course, there are some issues regarding this product.

One of which is the strength of the magnet. The magnet can hold the radio aerial properly. However, when the surface gets wet, it will fall off if the water gets into the seal.

This is only a minor case and can be solved easily. You simply need to get a tool that will strengthen the attachment.


The Wilson 305-38 magnet mount antenna is the strongest CB aerial among its competitors. It’s thicker and bigger; hence, your reach is increased. It also has the biggest magnet on the base. In that way, the antenna won’t move even if it’s windy or if you’re driving fast.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean it’s perfect but the defect is bearable. Furthermore, you can solve it on your own by simply getting a tool that will keep it in place on rainy days.

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