Wilton 14500 4500 Reversible Mechanics Bench Vise Review

Wilton 14500 4500, Reversible Mechanics Bench Vise has really impressive features that allow ease and convenience for any type of user, working on any type of project.

Its reversible jaws can accommodate all types of projects, be it a small one or even those big project of your because of its almost ten-inch opening. It also acknowledges the need to position a material to make a more precise cut or drill into it, so its swiveling base is another feature that one should definitely look into. You can position your material in any way because it rotates to a full three-sixty. Finally, we see a bench vise that adjusts to the needs and convenience of its owner.


Whenever we are asked of our childhood memories of helping out in our own father’s workshop, this is usually one of the first things that we remember: his bench vise. It has indeed become a symbol of woodworking and metal work. In this light, allow us to help you out in purchasing your very own.

The First Feature: The Reversible Jaw

This is the widest opening that you can ever get in the market. When not in reversed, this bench vise can provide the average opening of six inches. But when reversed, it can give a whopping 9 ¾ inch opening! Imagine of all the projects that you would be able to do with this thing.

While other bench vises available in the market can only open from five inches to more than six, this baby can definitely handle more than that.

The Second Feature: The Swiveling Base

Here is another favorite feature. Its base can rotate at a full 360°. So you wouldn’t need to worry about awkward positions and harsh angles just to drill a hole or cut your material because this bench vise can adjust for you.

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Other features of note:

Aside from the two features that we have already mentioned above, here are the product’s other features:

  1. Durable Body. This bench vise is created with the most durable materials guaranteed by the reputable Wilton Company itself. Hence, you are sure that you can apply a thousand pounds of pressure on it, and it still won’t budge or get easily deformed. Just make sure that you attach it correctly to a strong surface to prevent any accidents or any untoward incident.
  1. Replaceable Steel Jaw Faces. Here is another welcomed feature. Actually, if you are going to purchase this product via Amazon, it would come with an aluminum vise jaw pad, and multi-grip jaws.
    We all know that as we use our bench vise, no matter how durable it is, the jaws always take the action. But don’t worry, because you can easily replace them after a long time of usage.
  1. Twin-locking handles. Finally this bench vise ensures that it gets the job done with its easy-to-use twin locking handles. Wilton guarantees that they won’t slip or rotate and loosen up, especially when crucially working on something.

Wilton 14500 Reviews

Of course, it is already given that we certainly approve of the product ourselves. After purchasing and testing it on our own, we have come to the conclusion that this is really a product worth buying. Not to mention that it is very budget-friendly as well, so it’s a win-win for us!

However, we are also very much impressed to see a lot of five-star ratings on it on Amazon. We have noticed other products getting negative reviews often (and that’s practically normal, we don’t hold it against the product), but with the Wilton 14500 4500, Reversible Mechanics Bench Vise, we haven’t found one exceptionally negative review about it except for one customer who complained that its edges were too sharp.

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The Only Con Found – Sharp Edges.

Our answer to this negative comment is: all equipment requires cautious handling. This is also a thing that you should consider when handling a bench vise like this. This is really heavy, the package weighs almost fifty pounds – all high quality bench vises come in this weight. It is here that you can actually feel the quality and durability of the vise that you have purchased.


Overall, a good heavy duty and multi-purpose tool like this with only one negative comment (which is not even about the product’s performance) is definitely a good deal for any type of craftsman. Just think about its reversible jaw. It is simply quite rare in the market to find a jaw size like this with the budget that Wilton 14500 4500, Reversible Mechanics Bench Vise allows. Just imagine all the projects that you would be able to accomplish. And all of the additional convenience that you will get to enjoy with this bench vise to accompany you in your workshop. See more best bench vise reviews here.

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