Wixey WR510 Wood Planer Review

If you need a wood planer that can offer you an intelligent woodworking experience, then the Wixey WR510 is the one that you should be looking for. This has a good digital interface that is made according to the current trend in technology. Do you know the reason why it has gained a good reputation in the market? This is because of its inclusion of measurement scales that will surely be convenient on your part.

The thing that you will really like about this is its easy calibration and installation process. You will observe that the fractions and inches are displayed strategically to give ample information to the user while cutting. You will find it easy to read because the display has a good angle. Most of the users love this machine because they can entirely depend on it.

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Precise Measurements

This wood planer’s digital read out device has the ability to provide large and clear readings. The measurements are given in inches and millimeters to ensure the accuracy and precision in measuring with the use of Precise Fraction Technology.

All of the readings are displayed in inches and fractions, and even in millimeters. This feature allows you to work effectively with both units. Aside from this, it will be easier for you to convert them back and forth. To make it really practical, the measurement of the thickness of the wood coming out from the planer is also ready to be displayed on the screen. It makes it easier for you to check if the wood you have is of the right thickness.

Easy Calibration

For most people, one of their buying factors is the ease of installation and calibration. With Wixey WR510, you will be able to calibrate it without undergoing any complicated steps and methods. The calibration system of this device is patented and you will be amazed to know that it would only take a few seconds to calibrate this device.

You might be wondering how it works. There is no need for you to get another measuring device to do the calibration procedures. The first thing to do is to run any wood or board with a flat surface. In this case, the thickness is not an issue at all. You just need to make sure that the surface of the wood is smooth.

With this device, you need to lift the spring scale to securely place your board under it. When it is already secured, it is time to press the calibration button for about three seconds until 0.00 is displayed. This signifies that your machine is already properly calibrated and ready for use. One of the things that you will really like with this is that the actual distance of the planning bed to the tip of the knife can also be displayed.

Wixey WR510 Features and Specifications

  • Versatility – This digital readout device can fit most of the portable and handy planers from different brands.
  • Easy Calibration – It takes only a couple of seconds to successfully calibrate it.
  • Inches with Fraction and Millimeters – This device has the ability to display measurements both in inches and millimeters. This makes it possible for you to easily work on both units.
  • Large display – The readability of the display is very convenient. It shows large and clear measurements.
  • Display of actual thickness of wood – The thickness of the wood that is released out of the planer is also measured and displayed.

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Wixey WR510 Reviews

This intelligent wood planer deserves a rating of 7 out of 10 due to the inclusion of the digital readout device. This is very convenient for both professional woodworkers and home users. This feature has made its reputation among the users very positive. In fact, almost all customer reviews are about this feature.

The users think that this feature allows them to produce precise and accurate measurements of woods. They also noted that they are able to work faster and more efficiently because of the digital read out device.

Some of the buyers of Wixey WR510 commended it for its easy calibration system. Even though some of them don’t have any background on wood planers, they are still able to calibrate it right after reading the instructional guide.

Things to Improve

Some of the users noted that they need to calibrate it again after turning off. It is suggested that the device should hold the calibration until it is changed by the user. This will help in saving much time and in doubling productivity.


The Wixey WR510 is the best planer to use when you are very particular with measurements. You will surely benefit from this especially when you need to do detailed works. The digital readout device can display accurate measurements of the wood right after it was released from the planer. If you want to own this best intelligent wood planer, then check out the full specifications in this site.

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