Worx WG308 Electric Jaw Saw Review

The Worx WG308 Electric Jaw Saw is a product design for stability and convenience. It was created with homeowners, who want to work safely in their yard, in mind. With this jaw saw, you do not need to bring and use a ladder to reach high branches. Its handle can be extended for up to 12 feet high. With Worx WG308, trimming tasks without requiring so many tools become possible.

The Worx WG308 is engineered in such a way that average homeowners using this tool will not worry about injuring themselves. Its bar and chain are enclosed thereby preventing the odds of accidentally harming oneself.

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A High Performing Tool On a Cheap Price

The great thing about Worx WG308 Electric Jaw Sawis that it is not only economical but also, it’s made with high-quality materials to ensure that the saw will last for a longer period even if it has been used for several times. Despite its affordable price, it is a durable product that guarantees longevity. Moreover, the outcome of this saw only proves how efficient the product is.

Despite its high performance, this tool is very low maintenance. It has an automatic tensioning system which keeps your chains from loosening instead, it remains with optimal tightness so there’s no need for any manual adjustment.

It is designed to have an automated oiling system which keeps chains and bars well-lubricated for durability and efficiency reasons. An oil indicator is built-in to tell you when to have additional oil. It’s direct and user-friendly as far as chainsaws and other power tools are concerned.

Jaw Design for Solid Gripping

The Worx WG308 is cleverly designed to have metal teeth grips which work effectively on wood. It grips firmly so you are guaranteed that it is properly supported and stable. Its blade housing secures a safe cut on ground.

Worx Wg308 Features & Specification

The features and specifications of Worx WG308 Electric Jaw Saw include:

  • Cutting ability – Up to 4-inch wide
  • Power Source – WG320 Max Lithium Battery, can also be powered by electricity
  • Reach – Extends handle up to 12 feet high
  • Chain speed – Reaches up to 5.5 m/s, designed to have scissor cut actions to prevent hazardous kickback for safety and efficiency
  • Jaw-like design – For support and stability
  • Easy carry and storage

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Worx WG308 Reviews

If there is one thing that cuts off the excitement with the cut and prune tasks, that would be the risk while doing the job. And probably, that’s one thing that makes this product standout from its jaw saw competitors because it is the first and the only jaw saw designed in a way where it can perform its task efficiently while ensuring the safety of the user. For this reason, positive comments have been gathered and an amazing editor rating of 10 out of 10 stars were given. This only proves how effective the product is in terms of its performance.

Most users switched to using Worx WG308 because they are not satisfied with using chainsaw alone. It is super easy to use and makes the complicated job of cutting a little hassle-free. For about an hour or two, it can already complete a wide range of cutting or trimming limbs in a large area. This is also ideal for maintenance purposes to limit the time and effort consumed.

The design makes it astounding because it is extremely harmless and ingenious. This is highly recommended for medium duty trimming and cutting.

Things to Improve

Those who have just heard and seen Worx WG308 may find it intriguing as the design is so unique, it frightens them. They thought that it is more dangerous than the regular chainsaw when in fact, it is safer to handle. Nevertheless, once they are properly equipped with how jaw saw works, they are now inclined with its beauty towards trimming and safety. Thus, this product has been recommended since then.


In conclusion, the Worx WG308 is a unique yet very powerful tool for medium duty trimming and cutting. It is highly advisable for those who have strong urge and value with safety above everything else. Its ingenious design made it appealing for most homeowners and lawnmowers. Because of its clever design, it is considered as the safest chainsaw or jaw saw rather, ever made.

The Worx WG308 is created in an enclosed bar and chain to reduce the risk of any serious harm that typically happens when you’re using a regular chainsaw.

Overall, this very low maintenance cutting tool lets you focus on your job instead of dealing with other things such as gas as it automatically lubricates the bar and the chain. All you need to do is add oil when needed and that’s it! Now that’s one of the many other things that Worx Jaw Saw can do to your limbing, trimming, pruning and cleaning job. Do check out other pole saw reviews too!

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