X4 09 Motorcycle Gloves Review

This pair of gloves is popular to motorcycle enthusiasts because it is specifically made to handle trail, motocross, off-road and street riding. The X4  Streetbike Motorcycle Gloves 09 will surely give you your money’s worth because it can also function as a multisport glove. You will surely enjoy your rides more with this pair on as it is designed for performance.

You don’t have to worry about your hands being uncomfortable while wearing these gloves since it’s made of polyester and nylon material. These materials create a breathable product that will give anyone a convenient and comfortable experience all throughout their ride. With this product, you can expect to have dry hands because of its anti-moisture feature.

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5135s221NcLDesigned for Excellent Protection and Shock Resistance

The Street Bike Motorcycle Gloves 09 is designed to handle all types of extreme activities and to give your hands superior protection. Compared to other motorcycle gloves, this pair of gloves has solid knuckles that are molded to absorb impacts and collisions. The fingers are also integrated with hard material for improved security. Anti-moisture properties also keep your hands dry and comfortable.

The padding integrated in the gloves adds to the comfort of riding along with its shock resistant feature that fits all kinds of terrain. The palm area also gives you the best grip out of all the motorcycle gloves available today with its anti-slip properties. These features enhance your security and ensure safety as you focus on the sport of your choice.

This pair of gloves comes in four sizes including small, medium, large, and extra large for a great fit.

Breathable Material with Anti-Moisture Properties

A comfortable ride involves having dry hands at all times no matter how long you ride. The Street Bike Motorcycle Gloves 09 is made of polyester and nylon materials creating a great product that is breathable and moisture-free.

The combination of polyester and nylon makes it a lightweight product that is convenient to bring with you in all of your rides.

Street Bike Motorcycle Gloves 09 Features and Specifications

  • Unmatched Features and Performance — this is the best pair of gloves to choose for any type of extreme sports including motocross, trail and off-road riding.
  • Breathable Nylon and Polyester Material — you can be sure to keep your hands comfortable at all times as air goes through it.
  • Shock Resistant — you can use these gloves in all kinds of terrain and still be comfortable through its shock resistant properties.
  • Anti-Slip Paddings — the palm areas of these gloves are created with a special type of padding that prevents your hands from slipping.
  • Anti-Moisture Properties — be sure to keep your hands dry at all times because of this product’s anti-moisture feature.
  • Outstanding Protection — this pair of gloves is made with solid knuckles that are molded for superior protection.
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X4 09 Motorcycle Gloves  Reviews

This product has a 9.5 out of 10 rating based on the customer reviews. A strong grip is one of the most important features that you look for when buying gloves to use for off-road and trail riding. Out of all the gloves that you have tried, the Street Bike Motorcycle Gloves 09 gives you the best kind of grip and anti-slip properties that make you feel safer when you use the motorcycle. The solid knuckle protection is durable enough to protect you from unforeseen accidents and collisions.

You don’t have to worry about going through rough terrain as the shock resistant properties of these gloves absorb impacts and vibrations. The added padding incorporated with these gloves makes you feel more comfortable during long rides. This is a really great product with all these features.

Things to Improve

The Street Bike Motorcycle Gloves 09 promises ultimate protection from impacts and collisions. However, some customers claim that they find the product flimsy and not worth their money.

There are customers who describe this pair of gloves as cheap and flimsy. It’s good to remember though that this product is made of high quality material. Also, it has high performing functions and features.


When you are buying a great multiport glove that can handle all types of terrains, you might as well check out X4 09 Motorcycle Gloves 09. It is made of high quality materials and outstanding features that most motorcycle enthusiasts look for in a high performance product. It is unparalleled when it comes to protection and is greatly recommended by motorcycle riders worldwide.

This is a great performing and high quality product, but it solely depends on your preferences. If you want other options, you might as well check out other best motorcycle glove reviews.

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