X4 Street Bike 909 Motorcycle Gloves Review

The Street Bike is one of the leading manufacturers of sports gear and apparel in America. They offer helmets, goggles, and other accessories that provide a stylish look and protection. One of their best-selling items is the Street Bike Motorcycle Gloves 09.

The Motorcycle Gloves 09 is specifically designed for motorcycling. However, you can also use it for off-road, motocross, and other extreme sports. Moreover, this pair of gloves gives comfort and has better grip than other brands that have a similar price range.

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Gives Comfort and Convenience

The gloves are made of nylon and polyester. These materials make the gloves comfortable and easy to wear. Furthermore, they are breathable, allowing the air to circulate and preventing moisture. Your hands won’t get sweaty, even if the weather is hot.

Moreover, these motorbike gloves are fully functional. It provides flexibility, enabling you to move your wrists and fingers while driving your bike.

Provides Optimum Protection During Collision

The Street Bike gloves feature molded, hard knuckles that shield your hands from injuries and impact. Moreover, they are padded and are shock-resistant, keeping your wrists and fingers safe when there’s a collision. The palm area holds a better grip so your hands won’t slip while driving the bike.

The Street Bike biker gloves come in three sizes and colors. You simply need to choose a pair that fits your style and your measurement.

X4 Street Bike Motorcycle Gloves Features and Specifications

The reason people named it as the best motorcycle riding gloves is because of the benefits that it gives. Below are some of the components of this accessory.

  • Shock Resilient – It absorbs impact, allowing you to hold the handlebars properly even if the road is rocky and bumpy.
  • Breathable Polyester and Nylon Fabric – This keeps your hands comfortable and dry no matter how hot it is.
  • Nonslip Paddings – Found in the palm area, it lets you hold the handlebars better and prevent slipping.
  • Flexible – Though intended for motorcycling, you can also use it for motocross, off-road riding and other outdoor activities.
  • Solid Knuckles – These protect your hand from hard impact and abrasion caused by collision.
  • Anti-Moisture Feature – This feature keeps your hands dry, even on hot, sunny days.
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X4 Street Bike Motorcycle Gloves Reviews

Considering the users’ feedback and judging by its features, we give X4 Street Bike motorcycle gloves an 8 out of 10 rating. Many people love these gloves because they are durable and fit well.

According to one of the users, the gloves fit perfectly. You can move your fingers and hold the handlebars without a problem.

Another buyer agreed with this statement. He also added that the gloves are durable. He bought and used the gloves a few months ago, but the quality is still good as new. Thus, he recommended it to anyone who wears riding gloves often.

Things to Improve

The Street Bike claims that the gloves are of good quality. However, some people seemed to be disappointed with it.

Let’s use the Velcro as an example. According to one of the users, he got his gloves stained when he was filling up his bike. So, he washed them to remove the blemish. However, the Velcro fell off while he was washing the gloves. He was a bit disappointed because he really liked the gloves. Thus, he gave a piece of advice to all users and buyers not to wash them if not needed.

Another user said that it doesn’t give much protection but he admitted that the gloves are good. His hands didn’t sweat much, even if it’s hot.

However, these are only minor cases. If you get a pair of gloves that has defects, you may call the manufacturer and complain about it. The company will gladly replace it with a new set.


The Street Bike Motorcycle Gloves 09 is the best hand gear on the market. It is specifically intended for motorcycling. You can also use it for other extreme sports, such as motocross and off-road riding.

Apart from that, it gives comfort to the wearer. The gloves are made from breathable materials, allowing the air to circulate inside it. Hence, many people use it every summer.

However, the gloves are not perfect, even if it seems so. Many people don’t like the quality of the Velcro as it falls off easily. But they can’t deny the fact that the gloves are durable. Compared to upset buyers, more users are pleased with the product.

Do you want to find gloves that are not only affordable but can also withstand your extreme activities? Read other motorcycle glove reviews for more information.

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