Xelement 98111 Motorcycle Gloves Review 2016 -2017

You can never rule out style when it comes to choosing the best motorcycle gloves. The Xelement Men’s Leather Motorcycle Winter Gloves provide great insulation to keep your hands warm during the winter season while being stylish with its leather material. Leather is a great material to use for any type of product because it lasts for a long time making your purchase worth every penny.

These gloves are fully functional so you can move your fingers in any way you want while wearing them. These gloves are also made with a great contour design that helps prevent discomfort during long rides. It also features a padding in the palm area, which prevents slipping. It also gives you a better grip on your motorcycle.

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Provides Great Insulation for Cold Weathers

If you are thinking of going on a long ride during the winter season, you might as well get the Xelement Men’s Leather Motorcycle Winter Gloves to protect your hands. This pair is lightweight while providing great insulation that makes sure your hands are comfortable through extremely cold weather. You will also find that the wrist adjustment is easier with its hook and loop attribute.

You don’t have to worry about riding through a rainy day with these gloves on as they are waterproof. The excellent contour made for grips gives your hands even more comfort making no room for cramping during really long rides. This is the ultimate motorcycle gloves that can be used for all seasons.

The Xelement Men’s Leather Motorcycle Gloves come in five sizes, such as medium, large, extra large, double extra large, and triple extra large for a great fit.

Made with Strong Cowhide Leather

The Xelement Men’s Leather Motorcycle Winter Gloves are sure to withstand all kinds of usage because it’s made of durable cowhide leather material. Wearing leather gloves do not only add style to your getup but will surely protect your hands from possible abrasions during the ride.

The palm area is equipped with high quality padding for a better grip. The knuckle area is made with ribbed panels for more protection.

Xelement Men’s Leather Motorcycle Gloves Features and Specifications

  • Made with Premium Cowhide Leather – this product is great because it’s made with premium cowhide leather, which is both durable and long-lasting.
  • Waterproof Material – you don’t need to worry about going through the rain and getting wet with these gloves’ waterproof material.
  • Palm Area Padded for Better Grip – your hands will never slip with the high quality padding around the glove’s palm area for added safety.
  • Insulated to Keep Your Hands Warm – this pair of gloves is designed to have great insulation that keeps your hands comfortable throughout extremely cold places.
  • Ribbed Panel for Your Knuckles – for added protection during unforeseen events, there are built-in panels across the knuckles on this pair of gloves.
  • Hook and loop Feature – this is a great feature that makes it convenient for you to adjust the wrist cuffs to your liking.

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Xelement Men’s Leather Motorcycle Gloves Reviews

This product has a rating of 9.5 out of 10. The Xelement Men’s Leather Motorcycle Winter Gloves are one of the best winter gloves to choose because it does its job of keeping your hands warm through the cold weather. Not only does it look stylish and fashionable, it also feels very comfortable when you’re riding with them. The sizing is perfect, and it gives enough room for the thin glove liner inside.

You can take advantage of the waterproof feature as soon as the rainy season comes in to prevent the hands from getting wet. This is truly a great product.

Things to Improve

Having a ton of great features as well as using a long-lasting material may not exactly be enough to make a perfect product. Some customers complain about having sweaty hands after using the Xelement Men’s Leather Motorcycle Winter Gloves.

A number of customers also claimed that the glove liners came off after using the gloves for long rides and that they couldn’t put them back together. However, most customers claim that this pair of gloves is comfortable with or without the liners.


The Xelement Men’s Leather Motorcycle Winter Gloves work great for motorcycle riders who like to ride through mixed weather conditions. The waterproof material is sure to keep your hands dry, and it’s also insulated to keep your hands warm. For protection and safety, you can count on the premium cowhide leather material, the ribbed knuckle panels, and the padding that this product provides.

This is a great product and is worth every penny, but you are free to compare it to other winter gloves that you can get your hands on. Check out other best motorcycle gloves reviews to see more products.

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