XLC 2501811000 Mountain Bike Pedals Review

The XLC Caged Alloy mountain bike pedals are tough and heavy duty pedals that can perfectly grip in all kinds of surfaces. These bike pedals are suitable for high roads, trails, and uneven surfaces.

Every biker will also love its lightweight feature as it only weighs 374 grams. The dimension of these bike pedals is 2.4 x 4.7 x 7.5 inches which will give every user a complete platform for their feet.

The sophisticated design of the pedals will add beauty to the overall appearance of your bike. Read the complete review for THE XLC Caged Alloy pedals as you scroll down below.

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Aluminum Cage and Body Pedal With Great Open Bearing

The biking pedal’s cage and body is composed of aluminum. This metallic element gives the user an easier grip for a great biking experience even on the most rocky and uneven road surface.

The aluminum cage and body of the pedals serve as a non-slippery base to eliminate unnecessary fall from the bike. The aluminum component also makes the pedals lighter, which allows every user to grip and maneuver the bike easily.

There are two color options for this pedal – black for those who want a simple yet classy design and silver for those who want to add a professional look to the bike.

2.4 x 4.7 x 7.5-Inch Double-Sided Platform Pedals

The double sided wide base of the XLC Caged Alloy mountain bike pedals creates the perfect balance when maneuvering the bicycle. Those who have big feet will love the improved base dimension of this pedal.

Moreover, the wide base of the pedals does not only give perfect balance but it also gives a more comfortable road trip for every biker. They will no longer have to worry about losing control of the pedals because they can move their feet freely.

XLC 2501811000 Mountain Bike Pedals Features and Specifications

  • 2 color choices – It comes in black and silver.
  • Lightweight – The bike pedals have a weight of 374 grams and a dimension of 101 x 67 x 28 mm or 9/16-inch.
  • It has a one-piece aluminum cage or aluminum body with chromoly CNC milled.

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XLC 2501811000 Mountain Bike Pedals Reviews

The XLC Caged Alloy mountain bike pedals get a total score of 7.2 out of 10. This score was generated based on online reviews and on our own assessment.

This biking pedal was precisely made for every bicycle enthusiast because of its tough and stout characteristics. The open bearings of the pedals can be adjusted easily without getting any trouble.

One of the reviews posted online stated that he loves the open bearings of the pedal. It was great and he could adjust the tightness of the pedals effortlessly.

There was another review saying that he was impressed with the quality of these pedals and its affordable price. The design of the pedals is well-constructed and its precision gives every user full satisfaction.

Another reviewer said that he was amazed with the brushed metal finish and black color of the pedals. The design adds sophistication to the overall look of his mountain bike. He also added that the grip was better than his plastic pedals because the XLC Caged Alloy pedal is much sturdier than the plastic one.

The XLC Caged Alloy is also best for mid-fifties because of its good grip, sturdy, simple, free turning and double sided pedals. One of its 55-year old users said that he can spin the pedal freely without having a hard time.

He mentioned that the cone races are easy to adjust compared to other pedals but it will take time to get it right. He also found the weight of the XLC Caged Alloy heavy as compared to his previous bike pedals.

Things to Improve

There are two important things that XLC Caged Alloy mountain bike pedals need to consider for their product’s improvement.

The number one thing that the users want is not to adjust the pedal anymore. This pedal needs some adjustment but it’s still a pretty solid pedal.

The other area that needs improvement is the weight of the pedal. This seems heavier than the typical mountain bike pedals.

We think that XLC can still produce lighter mountain bike pedals without affecting its sturdiness. Nevertheless, the features and specifications of this brand of mountain bike pedals are impressive and notable.


The XLC Caged Alloy mountain bike pedal is one of the best sturdy pedals in the market. Every biker wants to have heavy-duty mountain bike pedals for a smooth travel experience from one place to another.

Mountain bike pedals may seem unimportant to the overall composition of the bike. But the truth is, mountain bike pedals play a major role in getting a well-balanced movement while biking.

Check out more of the best mountain bike pedals for more information to guide you in choosing the best pedal for your bike.

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