XS Power D3400 Car Battery Review

The XS Power D3400 is a battery that features the AGM technology. This is made by electrolytes that are contained in a fiberglass. This setup prevents spill over on the battery that could surely damage it. Another feature that you would love is the anti-shock resistance. Most users are very particular with this feature.

You would also like the flexibility of this battery since you can mount and install it in different positions. It also works well with high-end audio systems installed inside the vehicle. The XS Power D3400 is a bit heavier than other batteries in the market.

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Highest Energy Density Technology


This is the most recommended battery for almost everyone because of its highest energy density technology. It is also the top choice for competitions of car audio. The energy density refers to the stored energy in a particular system.

This battery is primarily designed for vehicles carrying energy-hungry installations. It has the capacity to maintain its strength even though the equipment is being used. Some people install heavy-duty audio/video machines in their vehicles. This battery is perfect for this kind of set up because of the high-energy density technology.

If you are planning to upgrade your sound system, then you should consider this battery. You are going to be amazed by its demonstration of power. Aside from this, you can maximize your installations through the use of the XS Power D3400.

AGM Electrolyte Suspended in Fiberglass

Not all batteries have this particle feature. The XS Power D3400 is equipped with the AGM spill-free technology that allows it to be protected from spills during the mounting process. With this feature, the battery is sealed, preventing leaks all over the engine. Aside from this, vibration is reduced while the engine is running.

Even the look of XS Power D3400 shows that this battery is of superb performance. The fiberglass is considered an added protection to the battery. You would like the idea that your battery is not prone to premature damage due to spills and other external factors.

If you are the type of car user that has heavy-duty audio installations in your vehicle, then this battery is the perfect fit for your car.

XS Power D3400 Features

  • Flexibility in mounting – You can mount this battery in different positions without worrying that there will be spill over. The battery is securely sealed to prevent any leakage.
  • Vibration resistance – The XS Power D3400 can reduce the vibration of the engine. It is also effective in reducing the shocks of the engine.
  • AGM spill-free technology – This technology ensures a spill-free mounting of the battery.
  • Highest energy density performance – This feature makes this battery the best battery for everyone.
  • 12 Volt battery
  • Low internal resistance

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XS Power D3400 Reviews

Due to its unique high energy density performance, the customers awarded it with a rating of 9 out of 10. Majority of the reviews show their utmost amazement with the features of this battery. They are all hands down with its extreme performance, especially with energy-consuming equipment installed.

One of the users commented that this is a powerhouse battery especially in upgrading the sound system. He is also noted that it comes with a bolt and you can easily bolt anything right up without a problem.

Another user mentioned that the XS Power D3400 can fire up easily, providing high performance and power. Other users are also able to experience its power. They highlighted the high-energy density performance of this battery.

All in all, this battery has successfully conquered the market with its superb performance. It has great competitive edge, and is still continuously gaining popularity. Aside from this, many people opt to avail this battery because of its versatility.

Things to Improve

The XS Power D3400 is a superb car battery; however, the price is extremely higher than other batteries in the market.  Some users noted that even though this is an extremely powerful battery, they cannot avail it because of the price.

Surely, there are online selling platforms that will offer this in lower price.  There are instances when promos and discounts are given for the users.  You can maximize their promotional activities so that you can avail it in lower price.

Another minor concern with this is the warranty period. The users are saying that it would be better if XS Power D3400 will have a longer warranty period.  Most consumers are considering the warranty period as one of the factors in deciding whether to buy an item or not.


When it comes to power and performance, there are no questions with XS Power D3400. If you are able to pay for this battery, then you will not regret it. The performance is just mind-blowing and worth every buck you pay for it.

Not yet convinced? Check out what others have to say in the best car battery reviews.  You will find other relevant information about XS Power D3400, and you would surely consider buying this.

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