Yost Vises 465 Bench Vise Review

Yost Vises 465 Combination Pipe and Bench Vise is the equipment you should use if you want a durable unit for home woodworking and carpentry projects. It mainly offers a good grip and unwanted sliding with its serrated jaws with rubber washers, which is perfect for performing light duty tasks. The superior quality of the unit is backed by a lifetime warranty, which means several years of effective woodworking, metalworking, plumbing, and DIY-ing light duties.


Your DIY projects will be easier and more efficient with the reliable clamping capacity of the vise on your garage working station. The unit allows you to work on your material by placing and locking it on the position where you can get an accurate cut, bend, or form of the work piece.

High Durability with Steel Construction Material

The Yost Vises 465 is constructed with a cast iron body and steel “U” channel bar, which provides superior level of durability. The unit comes with permanent corrugated pipe jaws that allow for effective grip along with rubber washers. These features prevent unwanted sliding that contribute to the durability of the equipment. Its covered main screw prevents it from sullying substances, which protects it from premature deterioration from exposure to different elements.

360-degree Swivel Case, 6.5-inch Minimal Jaw Width, and 2.5-inch Diameter Pipe Size Perfect for Home Craftsmanship

With the 6.5-inch nominal jaw width and 2.5-inch diameter pipe capacity, clamping is effective as you perform light-duty tasks. The unit’s 360-degree swivel case provides users better maneuvering as soon as the material is locked in place after determining the proper positioning. An added space is also provided by the anvil surface.

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Features and Specifications

  • Anvil Work Surface: The large anvil surface provides extra working space when for bashing or forming the material.
  • Mounting Tabs: The four mounting tabs allow users to place the bench vise in a firm and stable position in their work stations.
  • Precise and Covered Main Screw and No Pinch Handle
  • Diamond Serrated Pipe Jaws: These are replaceable top jaws.
  • Permanent Ridged Pipe Jaws: This feature is for better grip.
  • 30,000 PSI Cast Grey Iron and Steel “U” Channel Bar: This feature is to provide users with great durability and performance.
  • Swivel Base: This part allows for 360-degree adjustments on the material worked on. Also consists of two lockdowns to lock the material in place.
  • Lifetime warranty: The unit has a lifelong warranty to maximize the user’s utility of the product.

Yost Vises 465 Reviews and Ratings

With an average of 4.6 stars from the 153 customer reviews on Amazon at the moment of writing, the best reaction to this product generated a 4-star rating for the unit. According to the top customer reviewer, the Yost Vises 465 is a good value for his money. He stated that even though the unit was meant for light duty tasks, he found no problem when he used it for medium loads. It works just as good as if performing light tasks. Furthermore, he expressed that this is an essential tool for garages at home.

Just as any other product, more specifically bench vises, an overall positive customer review will still be included with some disappointing feedbacks. According to one buyer, he expected more from the Yost Vises 465, which is why he only rated it with three stars. He said that he had issues with the casting as the pivot hole was in bigger size than the retaining bolt. It seems that customer was just looking for another version of the bench vise as he stated further in his review that he works in a machine shop, which may require a different model and type of unit.

In general, the customer feedback was good. They expressed their pleasant experience with the unit just like I did. One customer said that the Yost Vises 465 was worth its price. According to him, the unit was well built in terms of construction and paint job. He complimented the design and the function of the unit, especially when it comes to making adjustments.

Another customer praised the rotation and swivel feature of the Yost Vises 465. He stated that the grip was very good. “It has an ergonomic design best for home crafts.”


Overall, the Yost Vises 465 Combination Pipe and Bench Vise is worth every dollar spent for a home crafts-person like me. It is user-friendly and durable while allowing good grip and flexibility when positioning the material to work on. For home DIY projects, the functions of the Yost Vises 465  is more than enough to perform simple woodworking and carpentry tasks for family use. As compared to other units for light-duty, I think I am going to stand by the Yost Vises 465. Read more about the best bench vise on the market here. 

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